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Local Licensed Broker vs National Referral Company

Lowes Flat Fee Realty is licensed brokerage In Idaho and Oregon, we are not a 3rd part referral network company. Why does that make a difference? Referral companies take your money and try and find the cheapest broker willing to take your listing, this margin is how they make their profit. After they have your money, they do not want to hear from you again.


Most of these national flat fee referral companies are not even licensed to do business in Oregon or Idaho. The broker accepting your listing oftentimes accepted this at a lower price than they like, so they are less than motivated to provide responsive service to you as a seller; trying to get ahold of these agents can be nerve wracking.


Here at Lowes Flat Fee Realty, we have listed and closed hundreds of local homes. We are anxious to serve your referrals as you share with them the success you have had with us selling your real estate. We love to hear your success stories, and more than once we have heard a variation that states our sellers felt they received better service from us than they did with a "full-fee" agent.


With understanding the choice becomes simple, choose your locally licensed broker, with responsive service and successful results, Lowes Flat Fee Realty.

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